As long as I can remember art has been an essential part of my life. Long before and even more during my study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nu- remberg I explored the ver- satile depths of painting and lithography, experimented with them and created nu- merous works. After receiving my degree I at first focused on my three kids and my career as graphic designer while always developing my art. With the dawn of the new millennium, after a successful decade as graphic designer and illustrator and more importantly after finish- ing the renovation of my studio, I have been able to fully concentrate on my art.

Portrait Elizabeth Steinhauser

passionately spread the knowledge lithography.

Now I enjoy the privilege of being able to present my works all over Germany in exhibitions and permanent installations such as the designs of the chapel area of the Donnersberger Gut or the Römer- und Bajuwaren- museum Burg Kipfenberg. Be- yond that my art is also present in major cities all over the world such as Paris, Istanbul and Bucharest. I'm also an active member of the Federal Association of Visual Artists (BBK): For four years I was chairman of the BBK Ingolstadt/OBB Nord and since 2006 I am Secretary on national board of the BBK Bavaria. I also offer demon- strations and classes and



into my studio. Ever since then I step out of my front door and right into my creative world where I can completely focus on my art. Heart of this space is the 800 kilograms weighing lithography press that enables me as one of very few remaining artists to utilize stone plates from my home region for unique prints.

My artistic career started at my desk and a small easel. But art needs space to prosper, especially if you're interested in lithography and doing your own prints with your own press. So it was a mere matter of time until in 2001 I cleared out and extensively renovated the storeroom on the second floor of our garage and turned it

Liz an der Lithopresse Panoramabild Atelier Steinhauser



1, Int. Biennale Hamburg 2012/13

Umwelt im Ökologiediskurs - Rund um die Elbe

  • Galerie Kunststätte am Michel
  • Hamburg
  • November 16th 2012 -
    February 12th 2013

Wer war Mona Lisa?

  • Women's museum
  • Bonn
  • January 13th - March 10th 2013

Past (Excerpt)


  • Paris Fédération Internationale Culturelle Féminine (F.I.C.F.)
  • Plassenburg Kulmbach
  • Kunstmesse Ingolstadt


  • BBK Würzburg
  • BBK Ingolstadt
  • Landesausstellung BBK Kempen


  • Galerie Balkanbrücken Kragujevac
  • Kunstmesse Ingolstadt


  • Parlamentspalast Bukarest
  • Militärmuseum Istanbul
  • KVD Schlossausstellung Dachau


  • Schloss Hesselohe
  • BBK Ingolstadt


  • Botanical Garden Munich
  • Kunstspirale Treuchtlingen
Elbe 4, Hamburg 2012

1. Internationale Biennale
Galerie Kunststätte am Michel, Hamburg, 2012

Kragujevac, 2010

Motivation Wasser
Galerie Balkanbrücken, Kragujevac, 2010

Parlamentspalast Bukarest, 2009

Ausstellung FICF International
Parlamentspalast Bukarest, 2009

Schloss Hesselohe 2008

Schloss Hesselohe, Neuburg, 2008


The works of Elizabeth Steinhauser have al- ways been character- ized by their wide emo- tional approach which is reflected in her paint- ing methods. Out of countless nearly trans- parent layers of paint originate the acrylic pictures on canvas with their strong and sen- sitive depths.

Donaukurier, September 2011
about "Motivation Wasser II"

Teich 2

[Elizabeth Steinhauser] shows […] a happy, sen- sual, quaint inter- pretation of those floral states and individu- alities. Her flowers are not motive for brisk imitation, but cause for emotional implementa- tion. On their format they become intuitive, fast play with space and potent colors.

Donaukurier, November 2003
about "Rose Phaleonopsis und Co"

Elizabeth Steinhauser uses the steady driving force of her work in a way that's completely new to her – the Search for the deeper meaning, in a way the soul of the whole.

Johannes Steinhauser
about "Mona Lisa"

Monalisa Martin

Steinhauser unfolds this "Origami" art of the dragonflies, which al- lows a whole cosmos in a hull, in delicate vena- tions on the lithography plate. And in printing this form found by her, the excerpt from the cos mos, from the stone, she presses her artistic idea into the stone like the bodies of the dragonflies laid themselves into the lime sludge millions of years ago to ensure a lasting impression.

Donaukurier, September 2004
about "Rund um die Libelle"


Not so the huge paintings of Elizabeth Steinhauser. […] Stein- hauser's calm and illu- sionistic works show four continents and four landscapes – from red glowing lava to pal- lid lime.

Neuburger Rundschau, Juni 2008
about "Modifikationen"

Lilie 2

Only a few people still master this old printing technique [lithography]. One of them is Elizabeth Steinhauser.

INTV "Arbeit Regional", October 2012



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